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Artist Statement

My strength as an artist is in my hypersensitivity to the details in the world around me. Where most see a larger picture, I'm fixated on the smallest pixels(textures, colors, patterns, emotions) that make up all things and often go unnoticed. I spend much of my time absorbed in nature (walking, fishing) and my work is highly influenced by what I observe/document in these environments. I steal like an artist—pulling a texture that surprised me from one thing, a color palette that moved me from another thing, and so on.


I take these reflections of my experience and amplify them—with detailed dotwork and linework, vibrant colors, and/or exaggerated perspectives and features. I hope you will walk away from my pieces feeling more connected to and inspired by the beautiful things that live alongside us.

Exhibition History


Wild, Curated by Create! Magazine & PXP Contemporary,
Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Philadelphia, PA 

With Love, Girls Who Paint Gallery, Kensington, MD

Awakening Earth: Narratives of Spring, Curated by Sergio Gomez, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL 

For all purchase inquiries and commission requests, email me:
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