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Connecting through Cannabis

Gigabudz is a small group of stoners from Queens, NY using Web 3.0 to connect cannabis users around the world. We believe bringing like-minded people together to talk about cannabis & their lifestyle has the power to influence the future of the industry.


Our 420 unique, hand-drawn Gigabuddies—which serve as a membership pass to our community’s benefits—release in batches on Polygon ($MATIC) starting 4.20.22. 


Why should I join Gigabudz? 

  • Connect with growers, smokers, and other members of the cannabis industry both online and IRL

  • Own unique, hand-drawn NFT collectibles that can be printed or used digitally. The artwork you purchase can also serve as your Web 3.0 identity. NFT airdrops to holders selected at random, prizes TBD

  • Attend weed-driven art galleries and music events where our members will have access to VIP experiences. 

  • Access exclusive merch and discounts to physical collectables offered under the Gigabudz brand.

  • Participate in monthly Q&A’s with cannabis entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, artists and more.

  • Unlock VIP discord channels and attend weekly discord events to network and grow within the community.

  • Future thinking: Collaborations with weed distributors and other brands.


"Chronic Sans"

I make things

Danielle Probst

Danielle Probst is a full-time Art Director who comes with over 6 years of professional experience in the art & design industry. She also brings experience working with small businesses in the cannabis industry on branding, packaging, and more.


"Mr. Bud"


I smoke things

Long time toker from Queens, NY who wants justice for those incarcerated for cannabis.

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"Son of Chronic"


I grow things

Rookie grower from Queens, NY.
Still learning, but looking to bring
the community along.

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