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Storytelling with motion.

People instinctively notice things that move. I'm capture that attention using motion design, creating compelling experiences that helps brands tell stories & solve problems.



'National Beer Day'

Art direction, storyboarding & motion design @ West Cary Group for a national beer day social media engagement post.


'Overwhelmed Overjoyed'

CTV brand awareness campaign with digital & print ad components targeted toward people living with diabetes and/or their caregivers  (ages 40-65)  

West Cary Group Team:

Creative Direction - Alexis Gayle

Art Direction & Illustration - Danielle Probst

Copy - Steve Covert

Storyboarding - Danielle Probst

Motion Design - Brian Harrell


2021 Event Campagin

Design, motion graphics & video production @ Endeavor (IMG Media & Events)


Assets included 2 standard full screen video cuts for the client's website along with event teaser posts and how to buy animation posts for social media feeds and stories. All assets ended with a custom animation of the park's skyline & logo animation (Motion highlights from the campaign shown to the right)


'Sneaker Conversations'

An interview with former NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz for a youtube series Sneakercon was experimenting with during Covid-19 while events were on hold. Assets included a full 20-min video with custom animated illustration along with shorter social cuts. (View Instagram TV Cut(Motion highlights from full youtube video shown below)

IMG Media & Events Team:

Creative Direction - Ben Krantz

Art Direction & Illustration - Danielle Probst

Video Production/Motion Design - Danielle Probst

Motion Experiments

A collection of frame by frame animations and other motion techniques created for fun using Procreate & After Effects.


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