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Beauty Portrait

Resourceful, passionate
insanely prolific.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve approached problems with a creative mind. For the past 7+ years, I’ve been fortunate enough to build a career centered around doing just that.


After receiving my BFA in Graphic Design at St. John’s University & completing a design internship at Sircle Media, I landed a design job at Endeavor (WME/IMG). Here, I worked on print and digital projects for clients including World’s Strongest Man, Miss Universe, NFL, Sneakercon, and Frieze. When required to return to the NYC offices during the pandemic, I refused. Instead, I took a remote Art Director role for an advertising agency in Richmond—West Cary Group. Here I continue to expand my skillset in Illustration, brand identity, creative strategy, and motion design.


In my creative free time, you'll find me drawing, painting and designing for apparel. Outside of agency work and client commissions, I create original drawings and paintings available in my online shop. When not pursuing creative outlets, I can be found by a lake bass fishing or practicing yoga.


“If you're wondering whether or not you should hire / work with / know / message / meet Danielle, the answer is HELL YES. Not only is she an absolute delight of a human being, but she is a badass creative armed with all kinds of skills, experiences, motivation, and talent-driven hustle... Can't say enough to virtually applaud and show love for Danielle.
Anything she touches turns to creative magic!”

— KRISTINA CAPPUCCILLI  Creative Recruiter/ Career Coach

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