I created Recipeasy with the mission of bettering the quality of a person’s life through the art of cooking. Nutrition is a huge part of keeping our brain healthy and fast meals cause us to cut corners around our health. My goal is to give people the tools they need to cook with confidence and enjoy doing it while educating them on the mental health benefits of connecting with their kitchen. 

Recipeasy app was designed with careful consideration of the reasons why people don’t cook and ways to ease their process without taking out the fundamental parts of cooking that make it mentally and physically beneficial.

In the first print book, people will learn the meaning of mindful cooking, the importance of specific nutrients and how they impact your mental health, the relationship between cooking and family, and the ways in which cooking can improve memory and increase overall quality of life. 

The second print book is a collection of infographic-style tips and tricks that are designed to increase interest in the activity of cooking and help people to appreciate it as a fun hobby or meditation rather than a chore. 

@Recipeasykitchen is where it all comes together--we feature snippets from our books, quick tips, some fun facts about the science behind what certain ingredients do inside your body and brain, and highlight app features.