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Stand alone originals


8x8, Acrylic on Canvas
This piece imitates a macro photograph of cannabis trichomes. Creating this piece sparked my interest in exploring transparency and contrast through my 'Morning Dew' collection.


8"x10", Colored Pencil on Paper
Birds are creatures that have consistently sparked curiosity throughout my life and I plan to further explore them. This piece honors my late grandmother depicting our favorite bird--the Cardinal.


6" Round, Acrylic on Canvas

Fishing brings me to environments where I am most inspired, and I've been experimenting with different ways to depict fish. 'Fin' takes a cartoonish approach with vibrant color and texture.


4" x 6" Acrylic on Canvas

In an effort to sharpen my realism skills, I grabbed the crushed juicy juice box I recently finished after fainting at the doctor, and painted it exactly as it was.

Artist Statement

My strength as an artist is in my hypersensitivity to the details in the world around me. Where most see a larger picture, I'm fixated on the smallest pixels(textures, colors, patterns, emotions) that make up all things and often go unnoticed. I spend much of my time absorbed in nature (walking, fishing) and my work is highly influenced by what I observe/document in these environments. I steal like an artist—pulling a texture that surprised me from one thing, a color palette that moved me from another thing, and so on.


I take these reflections of my experience and amplify them—with detailed dotwork and linework, vibrant colors, and/or exaggerated perspectives and features. I hope you will walk away from my pieces feeling more connected to and inspired by the beautiful things that live alongside us.


Custom sneakers

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