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The Challenge

Craft a compelling recruitment campaign for CoStar's brand that tactically attracts high-level, qualified talent in specific neighborhoods in the United States--in just two weeks.​ To maximize the campaign's effectiveness, we redesigned the recruitment landing page experience for the specific qualified talents we were targeting.

The Team

(West Cary Group)

Creative Direction - Alexis Gayle

Art Direction/Design/Storyboarding - Danielle Probst

Copywriting - Steve Covert

Video Production - Brian Harrell

Digital Media - Grant Smith

Creative recruitment campaign 

"If you get it, you got it."

By using a high-level design aesthetic and communicating with language only our specific target audience would understand, we aimed to attract qualified talent and dissuade those not up to the job. Each ad is like a riddle—if you get it, you could be a creative who’s right for the job.

creative campaign assets

Full Recruitment Video.

The full length 1-minute video was created to live on the main landing page and was a beacon to inform shorter versions for other digital placements (social media, native, google performance max, streaming audio, and youtube.)

storyboard artist

The Numbers.

The campaign performed 370% above bench marks, with Google performance max being the most efficient and driving the most volume.

campaign performance
creative & design