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Meet the cat that inspired 'Katz'.

When Kasper isn't taking one of his cat naps or chirping at the animals outside his window, he plays a large role in my art practice. When I set up to create, he gets as close as he can to the action and does not leave my side until the project is complete. Kasper's unique features (like his lemur tail and grey heart-like back spot) inspired a collection wide-eyed cats with exaggerated features, vibrant colors, and big personalities.

Ms . Kat

Grumpy Kat

Sunny Kat


Lucifer & Violet

Gabriella asked for an 8x10 portrait of her two babies Lucifer and Violet that would capture their big sister/little brother dynamic in a vibrant, cartoon-style. 

Interested in a piece from 'Katz?'


Oreo 'Mr. Gato'

Kevin asked for a memorial portrait for a friend who recently lost his cat Oreo (nicknamed Mr. Gato) with exaggerated cartoon-like features on a hexagon canvas.

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