Client Work

Art direction, brand development, print design, digital marketing, apparel, and more.


Digital Art

Illustration and motion graphics 



Sharpie doodles on paper



Hand-painted custom to order sneakers.

If you're wondering whether or not you should hire / work with / know / message / meet Danielle, the answer is HELL YES. Not only is she an absolute delight of a human being, but she is a badass creative armed with all kinds of skills, experiences, motivation, and talent-driven hustle... Can't say enough to virtually applaud and show love for Danielle. Anything she touches turns to creative magic!

- Kristina Cappuccilli  
  Creative Recruiter, Career Coach


What people have said about working with me:

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Consent is Hot 
Assault is NOT.

The campaign was designed to both start conversations about Affirmative Consent and raise awareness about the Knowing Yes! program on St. Johns University's campus.


The design, copy & assets (yard signs, trading cards, posters, etc)--yours truly circa 2018.

Bringing like-minded people together to talk cannabis through Web 3 technology.


Our 420 unique, hand-drawn Gigabuddies—which serve as a membership pass to our community’s benefits—release in batches on Polygon ($MATIC) starting 4.20.22.